Who am I?

Me, obviously.

That's a good question.  Who are you?

But to give a less useless answer, I go by Snooglebum.  I'm sure you could find my real name if you looked for it, but that's what I will go by for now.  I compose music, write, and pretty much do whatever else I feel like doing at the time.  But if you've looked at this site for more then two minutes, I'm sure you've figured that out.  So rather then indulging my huge ego and talking about myself, I will instead use this page to answer questions I have been asked before, and anticipate being asked again.  Shall we?

What do you use to make your music?
The short answer is that I use FL Studios, and if you aren't a crazy music producer person, go ahead and skip to the next question, or spontaneously combust, whatever you feel like doing.  The long, detailed and audiophilic answer is that I use FL Studios  and an array of third-party plugins, a CASIO WK-200 as a MIDI controller, a Yamaha PSR-195 I found in a thrift store, and a MicroKorg analog modelling synthesizer, which I love to death.  Oh yeah, and a tambourine.    These are my weapons in the endless war against silence.

Who does the art for your albums?
Thompson, who wishes to be referred to as "Supreme Overlord of the Universe".

Can I contact you or something?  
Yes!  In fact, I have an email address, which you can get to by clicking on this special magical word.

*Singing* I wanna frieeend yoooou up!
If you must. 

Where do you come up with the stuff you write about?
No clue.