Thursday, January 6, 2011

Black Moth Super Rainbow

BMSR are...


They're hard to describe.  Image a band made up of aliens from Jupiter constructed of cotton candy and LSD, playing analog synths that sound like spiders live in them and a drumkit that sounds like it hasn't been tuned since the 40's.  Their music covers you in pink goo that gets all over you and into your eardrums.  And it's glorious.

In short, they really don't sound like anything else.

To provide a more helpful description of the band: BMSR do extremely psychedelic music, that sometimes approaches rock, but more often just classifies as electronica, just 'cause it's to weird to fit in any other category.

Their frontman, who goes by Tobacco, has actually done a bunch of other music, which I might blog about some other time.

My favorite part of the music, predictably, is Tobacco's vocoder-altered vocals (say that five times fast).  As I'll probably say a million billion times, I love digitally manipulated vocals, and I love the ones in BMSR songs.  I just wish there were more.

One of their more recent albums, Eating Us, is probably their most poppy album to date. Some of the songs almost sound like conventional pop rock songs, like the acid-bathed high energy "Born ON A Day the Sun Didn't Rise", and the BMSR-meets banjo "American Face Dust".

If anybody was looking to get into the band, I'd recommended they check out Eating Us.  It's their most accessible album by far.

BMSR: psychedelic, gooey, and awesome.

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  1. Cotton Candy Aliens would be a good name for a band, now that I think about it.