Tuesday, January 4, 2011


WHOMP WHOMP WHOMP.  If you've been to a club, you've heard it.  Dubstep is a love it or hate it genre.  I cite it a lot to people, not because I particularly like it, but because I find it so fascinating.  Dubstep is a genre of extremes.

First of all, let me clear things up and say for the purposes of this post I'm talking about mainstream Dubstep.  Artists like Nero and Rusko, or smaller names like Mt. Eden and Chrispy who put all their energy into the loud, wobbling bassline that, for better or worse, has defined the genre.

For those who don't know, let me explain: Dubstep is a genre of dance music originating in the UK, like a lot of electronica.  Most of it's roots came from Grime, and Dub.  The Step kind of came out of nowhere.  It's characterized by a head-bobbing, swinging rhythm.

Ultimately, I feel like the genre is eventually going to collapse under it's own weight.  It's already gone stale  Let's be honest: it all pretty much sounds the same.  And there's pretty much a Dubstep remix of everything now, because it's so easy to do.

Dubstep either has to evolve, or fade into the backround.


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