Thursday, June 9, 2011

My Note Taking Process

The notes that I take tend to be rather useless, because most of them tend to read like this:

Experimental Films - Ahead of their time.  Very nice of my teacher to say that.  Theery relyy on self expresssisisojnnnnn.  THEY REBEL AGAINST THE STANDARD FORM OF FILMMAKING!  FREE AGAINST THE COMMERCIAL THING!  SOMETIMES REJECT HOW A FILM IS EXHIBITED!  VIVA LA RESISTANCE!!!  Also called underground films, avant-garde, also... personal films?  Really?  Aha!  Independant films!  Wait, they're not the same.  What?  Nonsesne!  What is this teacher talking about!

(Also, my apologies for all these school-related blog posts, the imaginary friends who are reading this, I am currently on the last day of class, so college is rather on my mind now.)

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